Protein diet for weight loss - menu

Today, beauty standards make special demands not only on the ideal proportions of the figure, but also on fit, energy, and activity. These characteristics are most often found in the wishes of employers.

protein products for weight loss

Unfortunately, most diets for weight loss, being effective, take away a huge amount of strength and energy from a person, moreover, mood and vitality deteriorate. Perhaps that is why half of those who "sit" on a diet break down in the first three days of a restricted diet.

Many women who have lost up to ten kilograms in a short time complain of sagging skin folds and loose muscles.

Fortunately, there is a diet that will allow you not only to lose weight, but also to build muscle mass, that is, after leaving it, you will not be threatened with fatigue and lack of strength! It's about a protein diet. It is especially popular with athletes and bodybuilders.

The protein diet does not impose many restrictions and does not even exclude carbohydrates from the diet, so eating on it satisfies hunger faster than eating on a carbohydrate system.

Eating protein-rich foods will keep you feeling full for a long time. You will also not have the urge to have a snack between meals. In addition, the loss of extra pounds will occur rapidly. The protein diet menu consists of unsaturated proteins.

General recommendations

Cook oatmeal for breakfast with milk instead of water. Drink yogurt (preferably with a minimum sugar content) before and after exercise or physical activity. Prefer Mozzarella over regular cheese. Be sure to add a cup of milk to your daily menu. Completely eliminate snacks from chips, hot dogs, nuts, and junk food. Eat more eggs (hard boiled, boiled, in salads). The main product of the protein diet, which should dominate the diet, is lean meat. Low-fat dairy products are also very helpful.



Before starting breakfast, 10-15 minutes. drink a glass of water.

Have a coffee with low-fat milk, or a glass of tea. Instead of sugar - sweetener or fructose, but in small quantities. One low-fat curd 100g or low-fat yogurt up to 80 kcal per 100 g.

Unaccustomed, such a breakfast will seem insufficient to you - then eat two curds. Gradually, do not finish the second, and in the future, give it up completely.

After a couple of hours, you will surely feel hungry - beat it down with a glass of green tea with mint. Three hours after breakfast, eat a fruit - one apple, an orange, or several plums.


15 minutes before lunch - a glass of warm water. Further optional:

  • Fish soup 300 ml, with one slice of black bread, tomato salad - 200g, tea (without sugar), 2-3 dried fruits, or tangerine.
  • A small piece of baked veal 100 g, without salt and without oil + 100 g of boiled rice + salad of cucumber and lettuce. If unsalted rice is too nasty, season with soy sauce. Salad can be seasoned with 1 tbsp. l. olive oil and lemon juice. You cannot salt.
  • Fish, baked or steamed 150 g + rice + salad (described above).

After 2 hours, you can drink 200 ml of low-fat kefir, eat an apple. We suppress the feeling of hunger - with mint green tea.


Again, a glass of warm water. In 10-15 minutes. Further to choose from:

  • salad: boiled squid (100 g) + chopped boiled egg + 2 tbsp. l. canned corn, as a dressing - lemon juice and olive oil. 500 g of shrimp (cook without salt) + boiled rice (as well as for lunch).
  • 250 g of chicken meat baked without skin (of course, without salt). Garnish with a small grapefruit.
  • 200 g of veal baked with garlic, + 150 g of broccoli or 150 g of cauliflower (fry in a pan with a little olive oil, and pour in one egg).

To the listed dinner menus, you can add a slice of black bread. And for dessert, eat a few slices of pineapple.

I will add that any diet requires a reasonable approach, it should be selected taking into account the individual characteristics of the organism. If the above diet is not enough for you - increase the portions, and vice versa - decrease if you feel that there is a lot of it.

Disadvantages of diet

However, the protein diet also has many disadvantages.

First, a possible overdose of protein in the body can lead to high cholesterol levels and blockage of blood vessels. A lack of sugar in the blood will cause the tissues to use the glucose stores from the muscles and liver, which will lead to apathy.

However, a protein diet based on calculated fat and carbohydrate intake is equivalent to a balanced diet.