Proper nutrition for pancreatitis

When treating pancreatitis, diet and medication are equally important. Proper nutrition helps to keep the pancreas healthy and prevent flare-ups.

diet dish for pancreatitis

Nutrition rules for pancreatitis

Pancreatitis is dangerous because it quickly becomes chronic. To prevent attacks from recurring, it is important to follow a fairly strict diet. Its main rules:

  1. During the period of exacerbation of pancreatitis, you cannot self-medicate, you must stay in a medical institution under the supervision of doctors.
  2. Don't overdo it on fat and carbohydrates.
  3. Exclude fried foods, smoked meats and pickles from the diet.
  4. Food must be prepared in a dietary manner, for example, it can be steamed, stewed, boiled.
  5. You need to eat in small portions, but often. Approximately every 3 hours.
  6. Dishes should not be eaten hot or cold. Food should be moderately warm.
  7. Pre-grind food with a blender.
  8. It is important to chew food thoroughly, eat slowly, take your time.
  9. Drinking food is strongly discouraged.
girl on a diet with pancreatitis

During the period of pancreatitis, our digestive system needs additional strengthening and support.

To normalize carbohydrate and fat metabolism in obese patients and reduce excess body weight, as well as to restore normal intestinal microflora and suppress harmful intestinal microorganisms, it is necessary to use natural inulin concentrate, a complex of biologically active substances of the amazing Jerusalem artichoke plant. In addition to normalizing carbohydrate metabolism, inulin helps to lower blood cholesterol levels, reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

What can you eat with pancreatitis

It may seem that with pancreatitis it is impossible to eat tasty and varied food, but this is not so. The following products are allowed for use:

  1. Vegetable salads and purees. Usually they are made from green beans, zucchini, beets, potatoes, carrots, cauliflower, celery.
  2. Vegetable soups, borsch.
  3. Lean boiled meat (chicken, beef).
  4. Boiled fish.
  5. Low-fat dairy products. Pure milk is not recommended; it is better to cook meals on it.
  6. Cheese.
  7. Cereals and cereals from them.
  8. Steamed eggs.
  9. Unsweetened apples.
  10. Lightly dried bread.
  11. Small pasta.
  12. Dried apple or pear compotes, baked apples.
  13. Green tea.
  14. Vegetable oils as a dressing or a small amount of butter.
  15. In small quantities - honey, jam, jelly.
cereals in milk are allowed on a diet with pancreatitis

With pancreatitis, it is very important not to overeat and eat a balanced diet. Natural herbal composition Wild herb phytotea No. 5 (Comfortable digestion) based on Kuril tea, chamomile herb, rose hips, plantain leaves and bullock herb helps to normalize the digestive system. Tea with a mild aroma is especially suitable for those who do not have time to comply with the diet due to workload and suffer from quick snacks.

As a substitute for fast food, you can also use Vanilla Delight Nutritious Cocktail, which contains vitamins, amino acids and healthy fats. Each serving provides a healthy array of dietary fiber, omega-3 PUFAs, protein, and L-carnitine. The balanced composition provides the body with vital nutrients and helps to keep you feeling full for a long time.

What can not be eaten with pancreatitis?

The diseased organ needs a sparing diet. Re-inflammation can be triggered by eating such foods:

  1. Fatty broths and soups based on them.
  2. Fatty meat (lamb, duck, goose) and lard.
  3. Smoked, salted, dried meat.
  4. Sausages.
  5. Smoked or salted fish, oily fish.
  6. Canned meat, fish or vegetables.
  7. Any fried food.
  8. Fast food products.
  9. Hamburgers, pies, pizza, pancakes and similar pastries.
  10. Any sauces, hot spices.
  11. Legumes, corn grits.
  12. Mushrooms.
  13. Dried fruits (figs, raisins).
  14. Sweets and sweet pastries.
  15. Chocolate, cream cakes, cakes.
  16. Sweet carbonated drinks.
  17. Strong tea, coffee, cocoa.
  18. Energy drinks, alcohol.
  19. Fresh bread or any other hot baked goods.

What does an approximate menu for a day look like for pancreatitis?

For breakfast, patients with pancreatitis usually eat milk porridge, milk soup with noodles, or boiled noodles. For drinking, let's say tea with milk, jelly, dried fruit compote. It is served with biscuits or dried bread.

Lunch is a vegetable puree soup, boiled rice or mashed potatoes with boiled meat or fish, tea or jelly.

For an afternoon snack, they usually eat cottage cheese casserole, drink jelly or eat jelly.

For dinner, a salad of vegetables, a piece of boiled meat or fish, jelly or dried fruit compote is supposed to be used.

Snacking is important during pancreatitis. As a snack, baked apples, cottage cheese, cheese, biscuit biscuits, vegetable puree, vegetable salads are suitable.

baked apples for a diet with pancreatitis

Attention! As a medicinal drink, you can use an unsweetened decoction of dried rosehip berries.

A diet for patients with pancreatitis is necessary in order not to provoke a relapse of the disease. It is important to cook and eat food correctly. This will reduce the stress on the stomach and make the pancreas easier to work.