Ducan's diet: steps and recipes

Daily menu and table of allowed foods for the most popular diet.

measuring your waist while losing weight on the ducan diet

The diet of French nutritionist Pierre Ducant is perhaps one of the most popular diets in the world. Invented in the late 90s of the last century, Pierre Ducan's diet instantly won the love and trust of hundreds of thousands of adherents around the world. The essence of the Ducan diet is simple: as few carbohydrates as possible, as much protein as possible. The author of the Ducan diet was guided by the diet of a primitive hunter and gatherer. According to Ducan, our body, and especially its need for essential nutrients, has remained virtually unchanged since the days when the main source of food was herbs and edible roots, which were harvested by women, and animal meat, which were mined by men. But sugar, white flour and other products that form the basis of the diet of modern man were unfamiliar to the primitive ancestor. And now, when we switch to a habitual diet, we gain fat, get fat and get sick. Pierre Ducan's diet is designed in such a way as to bring the diet as close as possible to the "natural" one and thereby make the body remember those times when the muscles were strong and the fat layer was thin.

The beginning of the Ducan diet

The Ducan diet is based on four stages. Two of them are tuned to lose weight, two to prevent the so-called "yo-yo effect", when the weight lost through diet comes back. Moreover, it is assumed that already in the middle between the two phases, the weight should stabilize. Where to start the Ducan diet? The easiest way is from the very first stage, which takes from two to seven days.

Despite its short duration, the first phase of the Ducan diet, the so-called attack, is highly effective: after it, on average, up to 4 kilograms of excess weight are lost.

This is followed by a second stage, alternation, of a longer duration, the purpose of which is to stabilize weight loss. If everything goes right, in the second stage of the Ducan diet, about one kilogram is lost per week. The duration of this stage is calculated individually, depending on how much excess weight a person wants to lose using the Ducan diet.

The third phase of the Ducan diet is aimed at consolidating the achieved result. Its duration is calculated using a simple formula: 10 days of diet for every pound lost. Let's say if 10 kilograms have been dropped, the third phase will last 100 days.

After the completion of the third phase, the final phase of the Ducan diet begins, the fourth phase, which lasts a lifetime. But do not be afraid: at the fourth stage of the diet, you only need to return to a strict set of foods one day a week. The rest of the time, it is important only to eat oat bran every day, drink enough water and walk for at least 20 minutes every day.

According to Pierre Ducant, as a result of the "reprogramming" that occurred with the help of attacks, the body learns to use protein as the basis of energy, rather than carbohydrates. In addition, during the passage of all stages of the Ducan diet, a person comes to the most suitable body weight and size - an individual norm that is best suited to his lifestyle, height, age and other parameters.

Stages of the Ducan diet

So, the first phase of the Ducan diet - the attack - allows you to see the first results of the diet within a few days after its start. During an attack, it is important to consume 1. 5 tablespoons of oatmeal per day, walk at least half an hour a day, and be sure to drink 1. 5 - 2 liters of water. As for the foods that can be eaten at the first stage of the Ducan diet, the basis is protein food. Protein foods that are low in fat and carbohydrates can be consumed in almost unlimited quantities. Also, at the first stage of the Ducan diet, it is allowed to eat foods that do not contain protein, but which also contain almost no carbohydrates and fats - first of all, of course, these are various drinks. During the first phase of the Ducan diet, 72 high-protein foods are allowed: such a variety of foods makes the diet comfortable for almost any person, even not very well tolerant of food restrictions.

The second phase of Pierre Ducant's diet, "alternation", should stabilize the achieved result. At this stage, vegetables are added to protein foods (except for those that contain starch - for example, potatoes, corn). Both vegetables and foods with a high protein content can still be eaten in almost unlimited quantities, the main thing is to observe the principle of alternation: one day eat exclusively protein foods, the second - protein with vegetables. You still need to eat oatmeal daily - at this stage, already two tablespoons a day. In general, in the Ducan diet, oatmeal is one of the main products. Oat bran is high in protein, helps maintain satiety, is good for the heart, and also stimulates intestinal motility.

During the second stage of the diet, it is also important to drink up to two liters of clean water daily and devote at least half an hour a day to physical activity.

During the third phase of the diet, you can eat an unlimited amount of protein and vegetables, and you can also add some fruits and dairy products. Here are the basic rules of the third stage of the Ducan diet:

  • you can eat fruits, with the exception of bananas, grapes, cherries, dried fruits and nuts;
  • you can eat two pieces of rye bread daily, as well as 40 g of hard cheese;
  • twice a week, you can eat pasta with tomato sauce, 225 g of couscous, bulgur or millet, lentils, beans and potatoes (all without oil);
  • Lamb, pork, and bacon can be included several times a week.

We remind you that the duration of this phase of the Ducan diet depends on how much excess weight a person has lost in the process: each lost kilogram is "worth" 10 days of the diet.

The fourth stage of the Ducan diet involves a return to the usual type of diet, but there are certain rules that should be followed by those who do not want to lose the results achieved. Here are the rules for the fourth stage of the Ducan diet:

  • Eat only protein foods one day a week.
  • Drink at least two liters of water daily.
  • Walk for at least 20 minutes daily.
  • Eat three tablespoons of oat bran every day.

Ducan's diet: products and recipes

The list of foods allowed for the Ducan diet is wide and varied enough to combine a complete and rich menu. In fact, the menu for every day with the Ducan diet is quite varied.

So, in the first phase of the Ducan diet, the permitted foods are:

  • lean beef, veal, rabbit;
  • chicken and turkey, skinless;
  • lean ham;
  • beef liver, chicken;
  • any fish: boiled, grilled or steamed;
  • any crustaceans and molluscs;
  • up to two eggs a day;
  • low-fat dairy products, natural yoghurts;
  • sugar substitutes, vinegar, spices, seasonings, garlic, onions, gherkins, salt (in small quantities), lemon juice (as an additive to food), mustard.

The allowed products of the second phase of the Ducan diet are the same as in the first, plus vegetables are added: artichoke, asparagus, eggplant, tomato, turnip, broccoli, cabbage (white, red, Savoyard, cauliflower or Brussels sprouts), celery, chicory, zucchini, cucumber, greens, beans, leeks, mushrooms, onions, peppers, pumpkin, radish, lettuce, sorrel, soybeans, spinach.

Recipes for the Ducan Diet are usually quite simple: the main rule is as little carbohydrate and sugar as possible and as much protein and vegetables as possible. Thus, you can modernize the usual recipes, compose new ones or take ready-made ones, which are enough on the network.

How to calculate weight with the Ducan diet

To calculate weight with the Ducan diet, you can use a simple formula: in order to lose the first 5 kg, you need 2 days of attack, 15 days of alternation and 50 - consolidation. Each subsequent 5 kg add 1 day of attack, 35 - alternation and another 50 - fixing. Of course, these recommendations for calculating weight are approximate and depend on the individual characteristics of the organism.

Who is the Ducan diet not suitable for?

The Ducan diet has its own contraindications. So, adhering to this diet plan is not recommended for people who have: kidney disease, liver disease, metabolic disorders, gout. Also, the Ducan diet is not suitable for pregnant and lactating women and those who have not yet turned 18 years old.